Best Restaurants in Bainbridge Island

Best Restaurants In Bainbridge Island

Over the past decade, a ton of buzzy restaurants have been opening up on this island only a 35-minute ferry ride from Seattle. Its proximity to Seattle makes Bainbridge Island an easy day trip or excursion for dinner. If you want to expand your palate beyond what’s in the city, make the trip to try one of these best restaurants on Bainbridge Island.

1. Proper Fish

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Proper Fish used to be one of the best cheap eats in Seattle. It started as a Nosh food truck serving the biggest $10 fish and chips you ever did see at area farmers markets. British born co-owner Harvey Wolff makes some of the best fish and chips.

2. Hitchcock

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Your fancy dinner options on Bainbridge Island aren’t exactly endless, but there’s always Hitchcock. It’s a simple, dimly lit American restaurant that works well for important moments, like when you need to break it to your parents that you quit your office job and moved to Mount Vernon to open your own kombucha brewery.

3. Blackbird Bakery

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There are quite a few boutique bake shops on the island, but the only one you need to know about is Blackbird. This is where to go for a solid breakfast or snack to go with a latte. Even if the person in front of you sends you into a hot rage by claiming the last two slices of almond butter layer cake.

4. Bruciato

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On busy weekends, you can always count on Bruciato to make Winslow Way smell like a perfectly charred pizza crust. This pizzeria is from the same team behind Hitchcock, so you can expect a nicely-designed space that’s conducive to relaxing with Aperol spritzes and eating an abundance of buffalo mozzarella. Try it after an exhausting day of artisanal salt shopping on the main strip.

5. Via Rosa 11

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For the best Italian food on the island, drive 10 minutes north of Winslow to a little neighborhood called Rolling Bay. Via Rosa 11 is where to go to feel taken care of, and by that we mean it’s a comforting place to be fed pasta and pizza by people who pronounce “marinara” with D’s instead of R’s.

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6. Hitchcock Deli

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We wish we could say we’ve never met a pastrami sandwich we didn’t like, but this is Seattle, and we don’t want to lie to you. Lackluster PNW deli scene aside, the pastrami and swiss sandwich at Hitchcock Deli is worthy of introducing to your East Coast friends. Everything here is notably good and a lot of that has to do with the fact that all of the meats are smoked, cured, and roasted in-house.

7. Jake’s Pickup

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Jake’s Pickup is a lunch spot hidden behind racks of Doritos and gummy bears at a Chevron station where you’ll find some of the best sandwiches in Washington state. Everything here, from the sub bread to the roasted turkey is made in house, and their fried cod sandwich deserves its own radio jingle.

8. Fletcher Bay Winery Tasting Room

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Congratulations – you screwed up and thought the Seattle to Bainbridge ferry schedule was the Bainbridge to Seattle schedule, and the next boat back to the mainland isn’t for another hour. This is a perfect excuse to drink some wine, so walk back up to Winslow and have a flight at Fletcher Bay.

9. Bainbridge Brewing Alehouse

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If you missed your ferry but aren’t a wine fan, have some beer at Bainbridge Brewing. They serve a few different types of housemade beers as well as guest taps from Seattle places like Urban Family. We like the grapefruit IPA, especially while sitting on a couch and playing board games.

10. Ba Sa Restaurant

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Ba Sa is a modern Vietnamese restaurant that uses local ingredients to turn out some really interesting dishes, like fried chicken bao buns and chilli prawns with a cult following. But one of the best things about this Bainbridge Island restaurant is the story behind it.

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